Welcome to Tecno Valve !

Tecno Valve Services is committed to offering our clients dynamic, engineered valve services tailored to their specific individual needs. Tecno can deliver on both small scale, off the shelf products to large, bespoke, engineered valve solutions for client projects. We aim to continually exceed client expectations while maintaining the highest standard of safe operating practices.

  • We believe valve management is key to ensuring long term successful, safe and reliable valve operations on client assets both on and offshore.
  • Tecno Valve can repair or overhaul any valves and associated equipment at our large fully equipped workshop facility located in Westhill, Aberdeenshire. All valves will have detailed strip reports sent to the client for review prior to any repair or overhaul work commencing
  • Tecno Valve large custom built test facility in Westhill, Aberdeenshire, has the capacity to test any valves in line with relevant test standards. Every valve tested is provided with a detailed test certificate.